• A method and a team fully dedicated
    to the academic success of your child.
    A teaching team at your professors and proofreaders
    available for audiovisual trade during weekly times.
  • Programs in line with those
    of Education, progressive
    specially designed to accompany your child,
    step by step, in the monitoring of its education.
  • Courses at home and online
    The flexibility of work:
    your child works at their own pace, my duties are fixed throughout the year,
    it can go faster on some of the program or deepen some more difficult concepts to acquire.


Educonnect is a web conferencing system for on-line learning.

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Our Key Skills :

The listenning

We take the time to listen to understand the character and needs of the student we will support, in order to offer him the best teachers. It is through listening and constant kindness we infuse gradually each student insurance and self-confidence needed to succeed.

The requirement

Our requirement covers both the selection of teachers on the development of customized educational solutions ... This is the only way to provide you with the results you expect.

The Accompaniment

Helping you is to follow week by week progress, offer of appointment quarterly to review progress. It also stay at your disposal to inform you, guide you and advise you in all your choices.

The transmission

Beyond the results we seek to convey to all of our students work methods and skills that will serve them throughout their education and well beyond.